Men went to the moon powered by steam


Think about this!

The Saturn V rocket that took men to the moon was actually the most powerful steam engine the World has ever known.

Why? Because it was powered by burning hydrogen in oxygen which means that the exhaust gas is actually superheated steam (so all you see in the photo is just steam).

Cool, or is that hot?

Image courtesy of NASA.

Tutorial on how to use symmetry in the modeling toolkit in Maya 2014


Using symmetry in the Modeling Toolkit – Maya 2014 from DMAXTV on Vimeo.


A short tutorial showing what’s important when selecting an edge for symmetry with the new Modeling Toolkit in Maya 2014.

Using symmetry in the Modeling Toolkit – Maya 2014 from DMAXTV on Vimeo.

Short, unexpected and engaging – what all design should be!


The idea transcends the poor production values.

Shadowland – Brilliant!


The design and choreography from Pilobolus is brilliant. As a designer I take my hat off to this level of design in a stage show.

Genetic transistors – Computers in our cells?


This sort of science is really cool and perhaps a little scary.
Links to articles about genetic transistors capable of making logic computations inside cells. Perhaps instead of merging with machines in the future we’ll all carry around PCs in our cells!

Stanford researchers create genetic transistors

Biological transistor enables computing within living cells