Chris HughesVariety is the spice of life, or at least that’s what Chris Hughes, founder of D MAX thinks and that’s why he’s enjoyed working on such a diverse range of projects over the years.

Originally qualifying as a medical practitioner, he studied graphic design at Swinburne – working part-time as a GP on the weekends to pay for his real passion, design.

He’s learnt that a solid background in science and medicine is important when working with biomedical and technology organisations as the ability to understand and discuss concepts directly with researchers is crucial to developing effective communications.

Mind you, having an analytical mind and being able to quickly get to the heart of any problem is extremely useful no matter what the challenge.

Chris’ interests have broadened to include illustration, 3D visualisation and animation and a desire to educate through gameplay and storytelling. He’s currently developing a science fiction fantasy fiction novel called ‘Space Chef and the Great Gorgonzola’ that he intends to use as a vehicle to educate children about cooking and nutrition. Visit the Space Chef website to learn more.

Outside work hours (is there such a thing?) he relaxes by juggling fire – a fitting metaphor for the life of a busy designer!